Sunday, May 8, 2011


3 solutions for a healthcare facility, w/ a budget in mind. We had 3 weeks to complete the design process, and here are my 3 solutions...

I've never been so happy to be finished! I finally moved out of the studio Thursday afternoon and have never felt so relieved in my life! 

2 finals this week, and then it's SUMMER!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunshine makes me happy...

Thursday and Friday were the 2 happiest days of this entire month...I may be wrong but from what I can remember the entire month of April has been cold/rainy. After all the horrible storms I had never been so happy to check the weather on my phone and see this...

"Abundant sunshine"!!!! I'm not sure when the Weather Channel started using the term "Abundant sunshine" in the forecast but I LOVED it! I put on my shorts and sandals and said "Hello UV rays!"

So in spirit of this sunshiney moment, here are some equally sunshiney interiors and decorative elements.

Love the yellow chevron rug!

Yellow paint can make any old furniture piece shiney and new again!

The lemon chandelier is great addition to this cute little breakfast nook.

This bedroom made me happy...just the right amount of yellow to make it warm and cozy

The yellow wall makes a bold statement in this room, with contrasting teal artwork and vase

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow! This combination is sure to make a bold statement in any space

This particular image has been on my desktop for months because just looking at it makes me smile! 

Sunshine makes me happy!!

Praying that all these April Showers bring May flowers!

Peace & Blessings!