Sunday, April 3, 2011

blood, sweat, and tears...

For the last month I've slept little, ate poorly, and made it to the gym about twice. And this is why...
Our major project this semester was an office space for a publishing company. The tenant space we were given was in a building in Rogers, AR located in Pinnacle Hills. Because the company publishes books for art, architecture, and design I found "edgy" to be appropriate so I selected bold colors but kept the entire space unified with white and tones of grays. Below, I've posted my final images of some of the spaces...

The Reception Desk

The Mezzanine.
Below is the kitchen, break room and conference room, above is the open library and exhibition space.

The open office space and collaborative lounge space in the foreground.

A section cut through the mezzanine, reception area and production department.

A section cut through the front of the building looking at the mezzanine and various office spaces.


  1. It looks amazing Chasity! Great Job! :)

  2. Thanks Stacy! Completely exhausted!!

  3. im so proud of you!! Those had to take forever!