Sunday, April 10, 2011

on to the next one...

The first project of the semester is finally completely over with; ending in a very stressful presentation to some of the member's of our Professional Advisory Board. 

Gasp for air.

Now it's time to dive back in and start the next project. Last week we were presented with our last project of the semester, we're to design a very small scale health clinic, specializing in anything we choose, but to be based on our local community's needs. While researching health clinics I stumbled upon a beautiful facility featured in Contract Magazine as a 2011 Interiors Award winner. The Dubai Mall Medical Centre is located in the middle of one of the world's most prestigious retail locations, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The designer, NBBJ, was presented with the challenge of designing a clinic amidst top retail brands like Christian Dior, Armani, Tom Ford, and many others. Many were surprised to find that the solution was not full of gleam and glamour, but simplicity and elegance.

Reception/Waiting Space

Reception Desk

Examination Room

Nurses Station

The Dubai Mall Medical Center is a 60,000 sq.ft. multi-specialty medical center that offers a complete range of medical specialties and health care services. The design is a complete sensoral experience that appeals to patients' five senses. The palette of finish materials, has a variety of textures throughout the waiting areas and clinical spaces, and is composed of a limited range of neutral colors that were "derived from an abstract process of pixilation applied to photos of Dubai and local indigenous landscapes, bringing vitality and a sense of serenity to the environment." 

This just goes to show that health care projects can be very beautiful. 


  1. This space is so beautiful, no doubt about it! Too bad we don't see more of this type of designed medical facility around. Great Post :)

  2. May this serve as a source of inspiration over the next 3 weeks!